Individual Needs


Through continual assessment and monitoring we aim to identify any child who is struggling to make progress or has a Special Educational Need. Parents will be involved from this early stage and play a vital role in working with the school to help each child fulfil their potential. 

Once a need has been identified that isn’t met through classroom differentiation and support, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be produced with input from the class teacher, parents, child and Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) identifying small attainable targets to work towards. 

If further advice or intervention is needed the appropriate agencies will be contacted. 

Our Special Needs procedure is in line with the DFE Code of Practice. A full version of our SEN policy is available from the school office. 

At The Althorp Partnership of Primary Schools we value everyone equally.  It is our belief that all people should be treated with courtesy and respect.  All pupils have access to the curriculum and other areas of school life regardless of race, sex, religion, language or disability.