Within the Creative Curriculum topics we follow the guidelines set out in the National Curriculum which focuses on – reading, writing, and speaking and listening.  




At The Althorp Partnership we have a commitment to ensure that all children achieve their full potential, have a positive attitude towards reading and a love of books. 


In Key Stage 1 group guided reading sessions take place within the classroom setting. They are part of a rich and comprehensive reading programme where the children become acquainted with a wide range of books, such as classic and modern stories, poems, plays and non-fiction texts. In Key Stage 2 the children are reading for a large percentage of the day throughout the curriculum and the children also have individual reading sessions. 


Library skills are taught in all classes and the children enjoy making full use of our well stocked library, use of technology resources such as the internet are used to help support the children’s reading skills. 




We believe it is important that children learn to write independently from an early stage.   


In the Early Years the teaching of phonics, spelling and handwriting compliment this process and help to build up speed and accuracy. We use Jolly phonics and the letter and sounds programme to teach phonics and spelling throughout the school. As the children progress through the school there is greater emphasis on skills such as planning, drafting, revising and proof reading their own and each other’s writing. Through our Creative Curriculum the children are encouraged to write in a variety of styles for a variety of audiences. 


We have an extensive range of resources including software for our interactive whiteboards which further enhance the teaching of writing throughout the school. 




We believe that every child should be able speak confidently to different people and listen to what others have to say. The children are encouraged to take part in drama activities and group discussions in school and within their community. In the classrooms there are role play areas related to the current learning journey. In KS2, particular emphasis is placed on positive team working, public speaking and presentation skills.